Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Grey

The Grey is a adventure movie filled with action and suspense. This movie has some very frightening scenes so I wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart. I have probably seen this movie 5 times and it still makes me jump. You should see this film if you love anything Liam Neeson is in as much as I do or if you would like to see a fantastic adventure play out in front of you.

The movie begins with Ottway(Liam Neeson) the protagonist writing a letter. As you know if you read my reviews I do not like to spoil good movies for you all. I am alright with spoiling the bad ones but this movie is anything but a bad one. Anything I tell you about it would probably spoil a lot so I will end it with this.

The Grey is a spectacular movie with a fantastic story and it deserves to be watched from start to end in a dark room with zero distractions. You will not get the full effect of this movie if you are blogging and facebooking while watching it. Enjoy!

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