Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski is a strange film that is based around a character who loves to bowl referred to as "The Dude" played by Jeff Bridges. The Dude is a simple guy who lives his life for the moment which makes him a bit of a slacker, but a good guy at heart. His friend Walter on the other hand is an aggressive man who pulls his gun in the first twenty minutes of the movie but also loves to bowl. His other friend Donny on the other hand was a good man and a good bowler which made him a very good friend for The Dude and Walter. Donny is the odd man out on the bowling team so you will probably hear this line a lot... "Shut the F*** Up Donny!" Did I mention the guys in the movie talk a little dirty? Yeah.. "F***in A"

This movie is for you if you need a good laugh and can handle a little foul language. I personally think this is one of the greatest movies of the century in its style. I laughed like a crazy person throughout the entire movie and strongly recommend it!

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