Friday, July 12, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz (aka - Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs) is a rather peculiar man with only one goal in life which is to be great. Oz has a few flaws however that don't make him such a great guy. This movie begins in a black and white town in Kansas where the circus is in town. The circus has multiple acts but the main two are Oz and Strong Man. Oz makes his first mistake when he talks the Strong Mans wife into being his assistant for his show. Before the show starts he gives her a small music box that supposedly belonged to his grandmother and smooth talks her into dancing with him. This is where Oz tries to kiss her but is abruptly interrupted because his act is starting. Throughout the movie Oz tricks multiple other woman in the same way. Being a womanizer is his first flaw. Oz precedes to start his show and it all goes smoothly up to the end where a sweet little girl asks Oz to heal here paralyzed legs. At this point the audience is in a uproar of anger yelling at Oz to fix the small girls legs. He tells her he can not help her because there is a distemper in the ethos. Lying is his second biggest flaw. After the show he goes back to his trailer and a different woman is knocking on his doorstep. A woman that Oz clearly has deeper feelings for. Oz doesn't wind up a music box or prepare any magic tricks for her like before. Oz clearly had strong feelings for her in the past but says he isn't good enough for her. Strong Man finds the music box and tries to kill Oz. Oz proceeds to steal a hot air balloon and inadvertently fly into a tornado. Clearly the third biggest flaw is that Oz is a coward.

As Oz journeyed through the magical land of Oz he met some interesting people who helped him work past his flaws. He found a flying monkey to assist him after calling his assistant a monkey at the circus. He met a little girl made of fine china that had two broken legs just as the girls legs were broke during his act. However in Oz he had the power to cure her. He also met a witch and told her he would marry her and then he left her. Oz falls in love by the end of the movie to a witch and they are happy. Whether Oz deserves the new found happiness or not this movie is beautiful and I highly recommend it.

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